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National Geographic Traveler choose Muskoka as the number one summer travel destination in the world.

train in stationSince the late 1800's trains have played an important role in the communities of Muskoka. The first railroad appeared in 1875, built to a terminus in Gravenhurst and then extended northward in 1885 to Bracebridge and Huntsville. Trains precipitated growth in trade and settlement, and carried passengers to waiting steamships which would ferry them to their final destinations on the Muskoka Lakes.

 The Muskoka Rails Museum will be built on Hiram Street in much the same location as the last station was before it was torn down. It will feature the Museum component as well as space for town merchants to have small kiosks for their merchandise.

The rails which networked our great country still exist to this day and should be celebrated as a component of the heritage of Canada. To that end, the dream of Muskoka Rails Museum will soon become a reality. Visit this website for news and information!


Become a friend of the Muskoka Rails Museum. We need your support to make this dream happen. There are many ways in which you can help, including becoming a friend of the museum ($30), buying one of our great golf shirts ($20 - with your Friend of the MRM card), donating another amount, or even purchasing one of our new station prints (follow the link below). Whatever your method of supporting this great community project, it will be much appreciated. Please click on the donation button on the menu.

Wanted: Pictures of Muskoka Railway Stations

mrm constructionI just wanted to let your readers know that the fledgling new Muskoka Rails Museum in Bracebridge is moving ahead rapidly with preparation for some temporary exhibits on Muskoka's railway heritage right In Particular, we are interested in old artifacts from the railway era, such as tickets, lanterns, uniforms, baggage carts and manifests, timetables, clocks, benches. We also need pictures or films of railway scenes, especially stations. now, and to ask for some help in developing them.

Artifacts Wanted

We are looking for Artifacts for the Museum. If you have any that you would like to donate or loan to us. Please Contact Us and let us know. 

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